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Hypnotherapy in Ipswich, Suffolk

Celia S. Bird, B.Ed (Hons), Dip.Ch.P(MT), MNCH is an experienced NCH Registered Hypnotherapist, a Certified Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and Stop Smoking Specialist.
Celia has helped many clients with issues ranging from stop smoking, weight management and phobias to confidenceperformance and sports improvement.
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Call me at my Ipswich clinic on local call rate 07720 633 555 or Local rate 0845 094 1147

Established for nearly 20 years, I am part of Hypnotherapy Associates, London which been established since 2001. Hypnotherapy Associates Suffolk has an excellent success rate and reputation, providing a caring and safe environment for people to overcome problems and free themselves from these to begin life more fully.

Originally trained in Speech and Drama education, I have been able to apply related skills appropriately in facilitating people's ability to increase confidence and develop useful life skills strategies.

I am a mature person with all-round life experience, including that of motherhood and step-parenting, who has a strong track record of working with clients from many different walks of life.

My clients are able to to overcome difficulties and to reach their full potential through the use of hypnotherapy and the teaching of self-hypnosis. I also have specialist training and certification in NLP, Smoking Cessation and Weight Management.

I trained in Harley Street, London in the practice of Clinical Hypnosis. The term Clinical Hypnosis means that a variety of different techniques have been studied during training rather than just one approach. The main study area throughout training has been the work of the late Dr. Milton Erickson, a pioneer in modern hypnotherapy.

I am a full member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy (N.C.H), adhering to their code of ethics at all times and are covered by their Indemnity Insurance.

I work in a peaceful location in-between Ipswich Town Centre & Bramford.

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Over the years I have worked with many hundreds of happy clients, some of whom were kind enough to allow me to reproduce them here.

For more information please contact me directly on: 07720 633 555

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