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Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Why is it that for most people confidence takes years to build up, and yet it can disappear in an instant?

Gaining and developing confidence underlies all our lives. It's the secret to happiness and success.

For example, think for a moment of the people you know who have a successful career... are they more intelligent or talented than your less successful friends? The answer in the majority of cases is no! This is because, it's not intelligence or ability that breeds success, it's vision, ambition, drive, determination and the ability to take risks. All these attributes are simply by-products of confidence.

Confidence not only spring boards careers, it improves every aspect of life. Confident people are inspiring, fun to be around, they're less demanding emotionally and ooze independence and vitality.

Lack of confidence breeds fear... fear of failure, change or unfamiliar situations. This fear can restrict lives, offering less variety, happiness and success. Most people would benefit considerably from increasing their confidence, yet few know how successfully and easily they can improve their confidence levels.

When you lack confidence it's easy to talk negatively to yourself, for instance, 'I'll never be as good as that', 'I don't have what it takes', 'Everyone else seems so much more capable than me', 'He/she'll never be interested in me so why try?' These self statements are absorbed at a subconscious level and become beliefs, these negative thought processes become a self fulfilling prophecy. The first step is to acknowledge negative statements, as often they're so frequent that they become a normal way of thinking and feeling. Once acknowledged the negative statements can be challenged and replaced with more positive thought processes. In time these new self statements will become automatic.

How does hypnosis or hypnotherapy improve confidence levels?

  • Hypnosis helps re-align negative thought processes, eliminating self doubt
  • Using trance to cultivate a more positive future, improving self image and increasing determination
  • Lack of confidence can be deep rooted and is often due to negative experiences as a child or teenager, if left unaddressed these negative experiences can set a precedent for future achievement. It can be beneficial to pinpoint the initial cause of the confidence problem and use hypnosis to realign negative thought processes
  • Utilising the full potential of the subconscious mind, using self hypnosis to improve self image and create a more positive self image
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