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Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

Celia is a 'panic attack' 'hypnotherapy specialist'

Panic attacks often feel as if they have come from no where and can be very detrimental to enjoying and going about your everyday life. They can feel as if they are holding you back from living your life as the fear of having another one can be overwhelming and intimidating. In severe cases total isolation can occur with the inability to leave home for fear of reoccurrence.

The body is producing a large dose of 'fight or flight' hormones as a way of protection - this in itself is not physically harmful though it feels very uncomfortable and can include the physical symptoms of shaking, rapid heartbeat, a shortness in breath and tightness in the chest to name a few. Often when people experience panic attacks, the biggest fear is that they will never go away. It is extremely rare for a person to suffer from panic attacks all their lives. If you are currently experiencing panic attacks you will probably find this hard to believe but it is a very treatable condition. Hypnotherapy helps by removing the underlying fear which we are not always consciously aware of and build feelings of inner confidence, safety and control.

How hypnosis or hypnotherapy can help treat panic attacks

  • Anxiety issues often relate to confidence (although this is not always the case), using hypnosis to increase confidence levels is often a very effective start
  • Using trance to access the subconscious, which is the source of the anxiety, and re-aligning the thought processes, replacing anxiety with a more positive emotion i.e. confidence / calm
  • Just talking about the problem can often help
  • Panic attacks are often triggered by certain situations i.e. public transport, these situations may have nothing what so ever to do with the real fear, however desensitising situations where attacks are more likely to occur can often remove the fear
  • Uncovering the source of the anxiety/fear.
  • Panic attacks can be the subconscious warning the conscious mind that changes need to be made, it can be easy to ignore the need for change as change in itself can be frightening. Often when life changes are made i.e. new work / life balance, relationship changes etc the panic attacks disappear completely. Hypnosis can help isolate what changes need to made.
  • Teaching self-hypnosis and relaxation exercises to 'take control' of the panic attacks or anxiety
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