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Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance Improvement

The primary goal is to teach athletes how to be more confident, focus better, stay composed under pressure, practice more efficiently, and develop better pre-performance routines.

Hypnotherapy can help with golf, snooker, distance running, sprinting and all athletics disciplines, football, cricket, boxing, darts, swimming in fact all types of sportsmen and sportswomen can benefit from hypnotherapy.

What kind of results can the typical sports person who receives Hypnotherapy expect to see?
Each individual is different, so results will vary from person to person due to their personal dedication to improve their mental game and ability to implement strategies to overcome the mental obstacles that get in the way of performance. In general, athletes will improve confidence; learn how to regain/maintain composure; overcome distractions and enter and recognise the 'zone' state faster and stay there longer.

What does it mean to be "in the zone"?
Being "in the zone" is defined as having a higher level of concentration and being totally engrossed in an endeavour...to the point where time almost stands still and outside distractions almost disappear. Finding the triggers that can help a sports person enter the zone and learning to stay in the zone are the prerequisites for any successful sports performance.

How does Hypnotherapy improve sports performance?

The same neurological process occurs in the brain if you actively 'do' something or if you imagine doing something, the subconscious mind does not differentiate between the two, therefore if you visualise winning a race or putting the ball you mind becomes tuned to that event. It is this phenomenon of the mind that is utilised in hypnotherapy to improve sports improvement, most professional athletes consider visualisation as an important part of their training. For more information, see What Is Hypnosis

An experiment in America in the 1960's proved this point. Three teams of basketball players were set tasks for one week. The first team was asked to practice throwing the ball into the basket constantly all week. The second team was given a 50 - 50 split of actively practicing with the ball and visualising throwing the ball into the basket, the final team was asked to simply visualise and didn't pick up a ball once. After the week's activities the three teams were tested and the third team, who hadn't actively practiced all week, scored significantly higher than the other two teams...the power of the mind overtakes and empowers the body! Now we can understand where the term 'improve your mental game' has substance to achieve top performance in any game.

How hypnotherapy/ hypnosis helps with sports improvement

  • Improves confidence and self belief
  • Utilises deep relaxation and concentration to access 'the zone'
  • Self hypnosis to pre-program the mind to achieving the best possible performance
  • Eliminate any negative thoughts or beliefs
  • Breaking down any emotional barriers blocking true performance levels
  • Increase motivation and dedication
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