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Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Facts about Smoking.

Why is it that you probably already know that smoking is harmful to you, kills prematurely and costs a lot of money (Click here to use the cost of smoking calculator) but you still keep smoking? We view smoking as giving us something, whether it be perceived relaxation, social thing to do (though this is becoming less), something to do when we are bored etc. When we have something taken away which we view as a benefit it feels like a loss. This is where hypnotherapy is different to any other method of helping to give up smoking.

How does Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy work so successfully when
helping people to stop smoking?

Hypnosis is extremely effective because it doesn't rely on 'willpower'. Willpower doesn't really exist, it appears to exist when your subconscious mind agrees with your conscious mind. When you 'give something up' (as with willpower alone and some other stop smoking methods), you often feel deprived. If you experience a stressful day, you may think to yourself, 'Why have I stopped smoking when I enjoy it so much?' At such stressful moments your subconscious and conscious mind are at loggerheads and your resolve may weaken. However, your subconscious mind can manage your habits, desires and cravings independently from your conscious efforts.

Hypnosis/ hypnotherapy works so well because it alters the way your subconscious feels, so it ultimately agrees with your conscious mind, so that, after a stressful day you will think to yourself 'Wow, that was a hard day, I'm glad I have more energy since stopping smoking to deal with the stress more effectively.'

Hypnosis 'reframes' how you feel about smoking so that you are no longer 'giving up' which implies losing something. Instead you appreciate how your fitness has improved, how good things taste and smell now that our senses are no longer being damaged by the chemicals you used to inhale. You will notice how your breathing becomes easier and how much more energy you have gained... not to mention the money you have saved once you finally manage to stop!

One session of hypnotherapy in the majority of cases is all that is generally needed when you are ready to stop smoking. We have extremely high success rates after just one session. Sometimes, our clients find that their smoking is related to other issues in their life, in this case we recommend follow up sessions to deal with the linked problem, this can be from a lack of confidence, motivation to change jobs which are causing stress in their lives and relationship problems etc.

How hypnosis/ hypnotherapy helps with Stopping smoking

  • Increase confidence and determination
  • Shifts perspective - so stopping smoking feels like a positive challenge rather than a chore
  • Finding more appropriate ways to relax and unwind
  • Lowering levels of anxiety and removing fears and doubts
  • Increasing focus
  • Shifts inaccurate beliefs surrounding smoking i.e. the belief that smoking helps with relaxation

Other addictions hypnotherapy can help with;

The following are a few examples of other addictions hypnotherapy can help overcome: illegal/prescription drugs and cannabis - shopping - food - weight - sex - alcohol - exercise - gambling.

Please contact Celia for a friendly chat about how she can help you give up smoking or any other addictions, for good!

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Professional, confidential help for lasting change

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