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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss & Weight Control

Causes of weight gain.

Dieting & weight loss in the UK is a multi billion pound business. There are literally thousands of diet books, exercise videos, food substitutes, weight loss drugs and weight loss clubs. The trouble is the majority of weight loss treatments do not address the psychological aspect or if they do it can be psychological techniques which are short term, rather than anything sustainable, more an emphasis on will power and short term goals i.e. for a holiday, wedding etc. which is why they usually fail. The long term results from this are usually loss of money and self esteem but not the weight when old habits are resumed Most find that over a longer period more weight is actually gained than before the yoyo dieting.

Hypnotherapy for weight controlBeing overweight is almost never just a matter of not knowing better; being lazy or greedy, it's far more complicated than that. There are often psychological problems associated with weight problems for example depression, lack of confidence, low self esteem etc. Often the anxiety and frustrations that cause people to over eat stem from being over weight... it's a vicious circle.

So how does Hypnotherapy/ Hypnosis help with weight loss?

Hypnosis bypasses willpower and changes the way the subconscious thinks. This allows eating healthily to become effortless, and is especially effective if self hypnosis is practiced alongside professional hypnotherapy sessions. This works by utilising the same psychological principles you employ when mastering a new skill. If you are not able to imagine that you are going to be successful, then you are defeated before you begin. This is what happens when people undertake diets & weight loss programs having previously failed many times before. No amount of willpower can surmount this feeling of defeatism.

Every successful person has had to be capable of visualising himself/herself as a success long before it becomes a reality. A physician for example could not undertake many years of study unless he/she was first able to 'see him/herself as a doctor. Any successful person achieves their goals by overcoming handicaps, which defeated those people who were less motivated.
Unfortunately, all negative opinions - true or not - filter into your subconscious mind, which does not question or analyse the many impressions it receives. People become so convinced that they are incapable of the strength necessary to maintain a diet that they eventually stop mentally picturing a healthy/more attractive body. Using hypnosis to create a positive self image is the key. Once a proper self image is generated people find they have the conviction to easily stick to a healthy eating plan. Therefore, the outcome of hypnotherapy for weight control is changing people's psychological mood.

It is the role of the Hypnotherapist to determine the most suitable treatment for each individual client but the following are examples of some of the benefits clients gain from hypnosis & hypnotherapy:

  • Removes the desire to overeat
  • Forms a positive self image
  • Produces stronger feelings of strength and determination
  • Improves self esteem, confidence and positive thinking
  • Improves stress levels
  • Occasionally weight gain is caused by a past event, uncovering this can help
  • Occasionally hypnotherapy uncovers secondary gains (reasons to remain overweight) and replacing weight gain with something more beneficial can help
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