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Testimonials - Celia S. Bird, Ipswich Hypnotherapist

The following testimonials are from hypnotherapy clients of mine over the last 5 years. There are many hundreds more satisfied and happy clients that I haven't listed here. Please give me a call on the number below if you would like to chat about your concerns.

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Sports Enhancement client – London Marathon May 2012


I recently visited Celia Bird at Hypnotherapy Associates in Ipswich for a course of Hypnotherapy. I am a keen runner and had secured a place to run in the London Marathon, which I was delighted about. Midway through my training for this event I began to develop a few minor niggles/injuries which impacted on my feelings of confidence,where I doubted my ability to run my best in this race. When I visited Celia Bird at her practice she was professional, supportive, kind and patient while I explained and explored my feelings of anxiety. In a deeply relaxed state she was able to refocus my mind more towards enjoying the Marathon and having confidence in myself and my abilities without unduly worrying about others. I competed in the marathon last month, an unforgettable experience and achieved the finish time that I had hoped for. I am so pleased that I sought help for this issue as it has helped me to achieve a long held ambition and ultimately has brought me much happiness.  


Jackie T



Weight Loss Client

Fear of Flying Client

Dear celia,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I used Celia for hypnotherapy treatment for myself (for weight loss) and for my son (for fear of flying). Both treatments have been very effective, and had lasting results."
Service Category: Hypnotherapy
Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Childbirth client:

Details of the Recommendation: "Celia helped me to prepare for the birth of my second child at her clinic in Ipswich with a course of Hypnobirthing hypnotherapy.

After her initial assessment, the course was delivered expertly, and helped me get over my fears about giving birth naturally. As a result of the therapy, I was able to stay calm and focussed and had a wonderful, and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Celia made me feel very at ease in her comfortable clinic, and was highly professional in every way. Her pricing was reasonable too. I recommend her highly!" (ST mAY 2011)

Postcard from 'fear of flying' client:

Beautiful postcard of scene in Sardinia: 'Thank you ever so much for getting me this far! Having a fab time! Sophie'

Email from Hypnobirthing client:

'The labour was amazing, even if utterly exhausting and I am so chuffed with how I handled it – the hypnotherapy helped without a doubt, keeping me focused and allowing me to zone out and rest during the periods when the contractions eased off. Thank you for playing a part in making it such a life-changing experience! ' ST

Fear of travel client:

Postcard of Eastbourne: 'good trip down to Eastbourne very relaxing. Many thanks. 'A

Weight Management client:

Photo of client having lost 2 stone in weight looking healthy and happy. RC

Work stress client:

Postcard: 'the great legacy is 1) still in my job 2) still surviving commuting 33) still keeping up hypnotherapy with Cds and 4) saving up to move in about a year! Very grateful for the obvious turnaround and your introduction and help. Thank you once again.' KS

Another work stress client who works in health profession:

'Just a note to thank you for all your help. I feel much more like my old self again. I have started practicing what I preach to patients about relaxation and pacing. Our facilitation achieving this insight has been greatly appreciated. Many thanks, 'J

Photos sent from fear of heights showing her on London Eye

Diving confidence client – email:

'All went well, completed the PADI Diving without any problems and floated on my back for the first time ever. Again thanks for the help, we have already booked to return abroad for more diving next year'. AB

Stress relief client:

I am the best I have been since this started thanks for your help and also the constructive talks that help to put things in perspective. DQ

Fear of blood tests client:

Email: just thought you might like to know that all was well at the appt in London; even though I was still a bit apprehensive I managed to stay calm and conscious throughout the blood tests and walk away afterwards without any problem. Many thanks. SN

Fear of blood tests client (2)

Email: I am writing to say a big thank you for what you have done for my daughter. She has now had her second lot of blood taken, and according to her she felt a lot calmer this time.

If in the future I know of anybody who is in need of a good Hypnotherapist, I will refer them to you.'

Riding confidence client:

Letter: My horse riding is going quite well. My confidence seems to be continuing to grow. I have ridden a range of horses over the last few months and even entered a competition. I came 7th out of 10.'

Wedding nerves client:

Email: 'Thought I'd send you a wedding pic....the day went brilliantly it was wonderful....and I had a great night's sleep before and no upset tummy whatsoever so thank you!' CM

Business confidence:

Email:......I seem to be doing well in all aspects of my life, especially the business. I am giving more time to my business without trying! As for the rest of my life I am happy with it and living back at home. I am not angry in the slightest.

And so I just want to end off by saying that the reason I am very content in where I am in life is because of the sessions I had with you!! So I would just like to give you a BIG thank you for that!!

Kindest regards and thanx once again. H

Stop Smoking client:

Hi Celia, 5 weeks on I have not touched a cigarette since. I cannot believe it! A heavy smoker for 30 years and I have tried to stop countless times before. Thank you for you help Celia.' SB

Stop Smoking client:

Hi Celia thought I should tell you I haven't smoked any cigarettes since we met.' DB(1 month after session)

Please contact me ft or a friendly chat if you have any questions, first and foremost, we are here to help you.


Flying Client

I did it!!!!! Flight on theway out was better than coming home but regardless, I did it and have you to thank. I kept repeating all the things you told me. I kept saying to myself, hand the worry over to the experts...you are on the safest form of gtransport...this plane is built to sustain ten times this amount of turbulence!


Thanks once again. LJ


IBS Client


I consulted Celia on the personal recommendation of a friend after I had suffered with debilitating IBS symptoms for a number of years.

My problem escalated to the point where I could hardly leave the "safety" of my house and I studiously avoided any place where there might not be a toilet. A car journey was virtually out of the question and in fact any journey had to be meticulously planned with availabilty of toilets an absolute priority.

I had convinced myself that I was beyond help but I found in Celia someone who understood and listened. Above all, she took the problem seriously. Anyone who has suffered with an IBS related issue will probably know how some people find the topic amusing and so I took great comfort in knowing from the start that Celia was on my side.

Celia has a wonderfully relaxed approach and, using various techniques including hypnosis, she worked with me to find answers and solutions. I found the treatment very relaxing and empowering. After several sessions, but fewer than I had imagined it might take, I was able to confront and control the triggers that caused the symptoms which had been plaguing me for years. Simple tasks such as trips to a supermarket or car journeys, previously a source of mental and physical turmoil, became possible. I, not the condition, was now in control.

I do not know where I would have been without Celia's calm and professional assistance and support. I cannot recommend her too highly.


Peter L


Pain Management Client - 2013

Dear Celia,
Thank you so much for treating my sore knee in Monteton, France. I will remember what you told me about pain being linked with worry and fear. I do not know what actually did the trick, whether it was talking to you or the way you touched my knee, but I do know that I felt much better the day after and the pain I felt then has not recurred. I'm so lucky to have met you at the right moment.

Irene Stroer


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